Thursday, November 17, 2005

Extra Bacon

While holding at Cougar Helicopters the other night, I was reminded of this game called "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon". Have you heard of it? Click the link and read what Mr. Bacon himself has to say about it.
Now that you've gone through the mess of following the link and reading the article (you have, haven't you?) I'll tell you (again) what it's all about, Alfie.
The theory goes you can connect Kevin Bacon with any other actor using at most six steps. I shall describe this process more clearly in a mere moment since it dawned on me one day that I, an actor who if you described me as an actor of no note at all would be overstating my noteworthiness as an actor, I can be connected to Kevin Bacon in six degrees.
And I only need five. I'm figuring the good people at UVA didn't count me when
they made this chart
. Feel free to e-mail them.
Here goes.

A tid-bit to entertain you just in case it's another year and a half before I get my next acting bit.

2015 UPDATE, I'm down to four:

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